Joker: The Tragedy of Arthur Fleck

It is hard to not be transfixed by the perfectly flamboyant cadence of Arthur Fleck once he is fully morphed into the iconic anarchist we all have come to know. Though there is no denial that Joaquin Phoenix elevated this character to astronomical heights, the film itself, at its core, is concerned with deconstructing the... Continue Reading →

The Road: A World Bathed in Ashes

The road, at its core, tells a tale of complete and utter Bleakness. It portrays a world consumed by its own depravity, where brutality, rape, and cannibalism are simple tools for survival. Where the land is devoid of life and meaning, and the ever-looming question always present in every shot: is it worth to withstand... Continue Reading →

Hereditary (2018): A Generation of Misery

Hereditary is a sophisticated portrait embroiled in a labyrinth of layers, each steering you deeper and deeper into despair as you are forced to look Into uncomfortable truths, and realize that perhaps horror has nothing to do with poltergeists or evil spirits, but the demons within ourselves. The Story The story starts rather grimly, as... Continue Reading →

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